Sunday, September 4, 2011

Smack Down

There's been a lot to write about lately: which, perversely, has made me hesitant to write at all. After all, how could I get it all down?

  • There was the day when it was sunny and hot in Culver City, but surprisingly cool and foggy at the beach.
  • There was the day when I figured out I needed to lean more weight on my front leg in order to balance better on my board.  
  • And then the day when I remembered  to stay in a squat in order to keep my center of gravity low. 
  • After catching my best wave ever, I turned around and saw, in the distance, the smiley face on a bright yellow para-sail looking straight at me.
  • There have been countless skull-vibrating tantrums from my three year old.
  • And seemingly endless fits of  bloody itching and scratching from my eight year old.
  • Two of my good friends are currently dismantling their marriage bonds.
  • And I keep noticing the five pounds I want to lose.
  • So I've been crying a lot.
  • Which has made me very grateful for love. 
  • The kind of love that isn't based on how much I've accomplished,  proven or impressed. That isn't based on how much I'm worth, how much I weigh or how well I'm doing. But the kind of love that decides, simply, to love. No matter what.  
  • Even when I'm down.

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