Friday, February 25, 2011

Hitting the Wall

It was a rainy day and Trinity and I watched 180 Degrees South. A really good documentary that just brought home how stuck I've been feeling the last week.

Here's how it goes  - Life is going along and I get an idea. It's a good idea and it excites me.

Life gets really good.

Having such a good life gives me more ideas, excites and inspires me, and I start doing more stuff.

But maybe I don't have enough room in my life for more good stuff, just enough room for a little good stuff and the rest of the room is for the kind of draggy everyday stuff I was trying to escape in the first place.

But I'm really inspired now and I just want to do this great stuff I've started - in this case, the surfing and the book featuring other moms doing sports. But there's still all the old stuff to do: breakfast, lunch, dinner, dishes, laundry, potty training, homeschooling, trips to the park, and the stuff I really hate - trying to get my kids to do things they don't want to do.

So here's the $64,000 question: how to do the stuff that excites and energizes me while still having all that stuff taken care of, but not having to do it myself?



  1. I know you don't want or need advice, but, have your read the Bhagavad Gita lately?

    I loved 180 Degrees South. The question is: does the life of a surf bum supported by millionaire entrepreneurs in his fantasy save the world adventure really offer a sane model to us mere householders? Imagine how I felt about it, here, 5-10 hours from surf that is at best marginal, while swallowed up in living.

    The skill I feel like I always need is patience and detachment.

  2. I have not read the bhagavad ghita lately. Perhaps I should.
    As for 180 degrees south providing a "sane" model - uhm...
    Let's just say everytime I watch or read ANYTHING like that, I have only one word in response "children." No matter how great such experiences are, they're nearly impossible while raising children.
    Hence this blog as a response to Elizabeth Gilbert's lovely but unlikely to be repeated "Eat Pray Love." After all, if freedom and enlightenment were only available through traveling to Indonesia, or Patagonia, ALONE AS A CHILDLESS PERSON, that would mean enlightenment was impossible for a vast majority of humans. And I just can't get with that!